AKT Vietnam Company Limited

AKT Vietnam Company Limited is a quantity surveying consultant company. 

This firm was set up with the primary objective to provide services to assist Clients to achieve completion of their construction project within their budgeted cost and on time and within the quality required.

The firm recognized that the construction industry is undergoing massive changes in the ways projects are procured, in the ways in which they are managed before, during and after site operations and in the relationships between the various parties to the construction process. We believe that companies who can innovate in each and all the areas described above will be market leaders while remaining profitable.

Our firm has a team of qualified and experienced principal, quantity surveyors and technical staff who can offer their services to our clients professionally for the successful implementation of construction projects.

The principal and quantity surveyors who are well equipped with the knowledge of measurements, construction economics and contractual arrangement on a broad spectrum of construction projects can deliver innovative solutions to problems currently facing the construction industry.

It is our firm belief that the cost of any project be adequately planned and controlled and our firm is committed to the “best value for money” approach that our clients will greatly benefit.

We also believe that qualified and experienced staff is the most important asset to the consultant practice and our firm is also committed to the advancement of skills and knowledge in order to provide best services to our clients at all times.



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